Andry Huzain from Tunaikita

We are thrilled to have Andry Huzain in Bonn! Andry is the Co-Founder and COO of TunaiKita (, a peer2peer lending platform in Indonesia. The mission of TunaiKita is to help Indonesia’s underserved consumers experience better living through responsible credit.

In a little over two years, TunaiKita has grown rapidly by helping the underserved to gain access to loan throughout Indonesia. TunaiKita harnesses technology using the potential of machine learning, AI and Big Data to reach the millions in need of financial inclusion.

To date, Indonesians also face environmental challenges, from deteriorating rainforests to pollution.

This raises ideas:
Can we use technology responsibly, balancing FinTech’s (Financial Technology) financial inclusion mission with environmental factors the same group of target market are experiencing?

Or: Can we create incentives to include environmental sustainability into the fast-paced technology industry?